About PVL

2004 | Founding of the V-League

The V-League, originally known as the Shakey’s V-League, was established in 2004 by the Sports Vision Management Group, Inc. to revive the once-dormant sport and give Filipino fans something to inspire and rally for next to basketball. It was initially staged as an inter-collegiate women’s league, and it grew by leaps and bounds through passionate fans and many years of hard work, determination and vision of the men and woman behind the organization.

2011 | League Expansion

The Second Conference of the 8th season was called the Open Conference, which welcomed the participation of corporate teams and non-collegiate squads.

2017 | Premier Volleyball League

The V-League was renamed to the Premier Volleyball League with the organizers opting to modify the tournament format, particularly with respect to the distinction of the conferences, since more corporate and non-collegiate teams had started to take part. Collegiate teams continue to hold their own Collegiate Conference.

2021 | Professional Status

Upon the return of the PVL from the COVID-19 pandemic, the league leveled up as it turned professional in status, paving the way for the first professional volleyball league in the Philippines.

2022 | Return of the V-League

With the attainment of the professional status of the PVL, collegiate teams were restricted from participating, thus, the V-League was brought back as a separate league to cater to the collegiate teams.

2023 | The PVL, Still Growing!

Having completed all the 2022 season conferences, the PVL returned in February 2023 with the Open conference rebranded as the All-Filipino Conference.

The second conference, the Invitational, likewise proved to be a huge success in terms of participation and crowd support with a record 13 teams, including 11 locals, also the biggest in years, and two foreign guest squads making up the cast.

Vision, Mission

A brighter, livelier future for Philippine volleyball, not just in the women’s side but also in the men’s and in the collegiate ranks, both in the men’s and women’s divisions.

The league also continues to undertake measures in advancing the growth of the sport while providing the players not only the venue to hone their talent and skills but also earn the chance to get better and better with an eye on keeping the country at par with region’s leading teams.

Premier Volleyball League

The first professional volleyball league in the Philippines, the PVL is composed of 12 teams that participate in a season which is divided into three conferences, namely, the All-Filipino, Invitational and the Reinforced.

The All-Filipino Conference is played by all member teams with an all-Filipino roster, showcasing the local talents around the country.

The Invitational Conference is played by all member teams plus two foreign guest teams, to gauge and increase the level of play in the league.

The Reinforced Conference is played by all member teams with the services of one international player per team, to promote the development of skills and teamwork through the help of overseas talents.

All games are streamed on PVL’s website at www.pvl.ph and broadcast on One Sports and One Sports+. Replays are also available on www.pvl.ph.